How to find trade server for any MT4 or MT5 account?


Help video on how to find trade server:


What is chart suffix and how to find it?


Chart suffix is a small extension that brokers add to their symbol charts. For example, some brokers may have their symbols setup as USDCHFm - notice that little "m" in the end? That is the chart suffix.

You can find chart suffix by going to the market watch window or just by opening a chart for any symbol that you are allowed to trade. Note that in some cases, broker may have multiple suffixes - or charts with no suffix and suffix in the same market watch window.



What is the format of the output CSV file that we get back from the successful API call?


When API call is successful, you get the CSV data back in the following format.

There are two main types of records the CSV file has:

1 - Trade record - this is indicated by the first character as "T". In case of MT5, these will be indicated by D for deal, P for position.

2 - Header record - this is indicated by the first character as "H".

For each column and its purpose, refer to the following images.

Image 1 - Illustration of Header record in CSV file:

Image 2 - Illustration of Trade record in CSV file:



Can you share more information about the API and how to test it ?


Following video will provide more information about this topic: